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Falkerin™ Recruitment with “Made in Luxembourg” label

Falkerin S.à r.l. has been awarded the “Made in Luxembourg” label. According to the official information acquired Falkerin™ is the 1st Recruitment Advisory Firm in Luxembourg approved to use the logo in association with the services offered but we feel it will not be long before other recruitment companies follow.

We consider the mentioned certificate of affiliation as another step in establishing Falkerin™ Recruitment operations in Luxembourg. We are proud of our roots and origins and we believe that “Made in Luxembourg” label will be instrumental to our image and services provided to our clients in Luxembourg and other European jurisdictions.

“Made in Luxembourg” is a registered graphic trademark identifying products and services which have been produced or developed within the geographic boundaries of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The idea was introduced in 1984 in order to distinguish and promote Luxembourg based products and services.

For more information about “Made in Luxembourg” label please visit: http://www.made-in-luxembourg.lu/